Absolutely Free Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are ideal way to replace regular PNG or image icons when designing a website, because icon fonts are versatile and relatively lite, they can be easily embedded into HTML using CSS @font-face and best part is that they are scalable, and various CSS effects can be applied just like fonts. Let's find-out some of free icon fonts available that are absolutely free to use in our web projects.


Clear and attractive open source icon set comes with font formats. They are very easy and flexible to work with. iconic Download

Foundation Icon Fonts

Custom icon sets that are stored in a handy web font and are coded to be more accessible. A couple lines of CSS and the right markup will get you going in no time. foundation-icons Download

Modern Pictograms

Nice set of icon for interface designers and programmers, the pictograms stay sharp when used large or small. modern-pictograms Download


Fontello offers great Icon fonts set, which can be downloaded and used in any web projects. fontello Download


Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont kit for easy use in your UI, whether it be on the web or in a native application. typicons Download

Entypo Pictogram Suite

Entypo is a set of 250+ carefully crafted pictograms. The package contains an icon font — OpenType, TrueType and @font-face entypo Download

Social Media Icons Pack

Socialico is a package of 74 social media icons, combined within a single weight font and designed by Jelio Dimitrov a.k.a. Arsek. fontfabric Download

Font Awesome

The iconic font designed and optimized for use with Twitter Bootstrap framework, it's easy to integrate into Bootstrap, but it can be used in any other web projects easily. font-Awesome Download


Pictonic package includes brand icons, perfect if you are looking for brand icons to include in your projects. pictonic.co Download

Icomoon Free Version

Iconmoon comes with all the essential icons that you may use in your web projects, it comes with social icons to comments icons, smiles and more. You can also create your own font pack with your own icons included in their app section. icomoon.io Download

PulsarJS @FontFace

Contains some of the most used icons in mobile development. pulsarjs Download

Raphaël Icon Set

Raphaël Icon-Set converted to a Webfont. You can now include them with pure CSS, the @font-face way. marekventu Download

Heydings Icons

Collection of 60 glyphs specifically intended for the accessorization and classification of textual cues such as hyperlinks, navigation elements and buttons. heydonworks Download


Meteocons is a set of weather icons, it containing 40+ icons available Icon font and in other formats such as PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG. meteocons Download

Mfglabs Icon set

Friendly icon set for an internal project. It is designed to be easily embeddable on a website or application using a webfont and css. mfglabs-iconset Download


Icon font set by Iconian Fonts contains maps of countries, available for download at dafont.com. geobats Download

Dingbats Icon set

Includes a wide range of popular symbols and pictograms such as arrows, pens, phones, stars, crosses and checkmarks, plus 3 sets of cameo figures on round backgrounds. ffdingbatsfont2 Download


Sosa includes 120+ useful icons. The download includes the .ttf .eot .svg & .woff files need to use this icon font via @font-face. sosa Download


And last not the least, my own Icon font set which I created for learning purpose: Download
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