Installing ImageMagick on Windows

If you are on Windows, manual installation of ImageMagick on local server is bit painful, as there are numerous versions of ImageMagick, and you might encounter problems with newer versions, such as "magic_wand.dll missing".If you are on Windows using XAMPP or WampServer, here's few steps you can follow :
  1. Grab a binary file from (I used ImageMagick-6.7.7-5-Q16-windows-dll.exe).
  2. On installation dialog, be sure to check "Add application directory to your system path".
  3. After installation, download php_imagick.dll from Make sure to pickup one that goes with your PHP version mumber.
  4. Place php_imagick.dll within PHP/EXT folder, which is located inside XAMPP installation folder.
  5. And then open PHP.INI file, find extension section, and enable the extension by removing (;) semi-colon or by typing exactly same as highlighted text below. php_imagick.dll
If you want to install ImageMagick on linux platform such as Ubuntu this article might help.
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