Creating Google OAuth 2.0 Client API Keys

Google API lets you play with the core of Google system, by building queries, a client can access required data from various Google services, which can be used to build all types of Google based applications. Before sending API queries, a client application needs Google API keys. Just follow these basic steps to obtain your own Client ID and Secret Key for your web application.

Disable Google 2-step verification

Google 2-step verification is secure but it can be very annoying at some point, when you need to enter verification code every-time your change your computer. Especially when you travel outside, where your mobile goes dead, internet is short and you try to access Gmail from cyber-cafe or your colleague computer. This kind of situations are less likely these days, but sometimes you just want to disable this Google service for various reasons.

Generate Google Application-specific passwords

If you have activated Google Add 2-step verification, you may experience network or timed-out Errors in your Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or other smartphone devices, because Google 2-step verification is not yet compatible with the applications running on those devices. To sign-in to your Google account normally from those devices you must generate an application-specific password.

How to activate Google 2-step verification

Normal password protection looks strong enough but in today’s world, internet is a totally different place. There are people who go to great lengths to access others account and seal valuable information. There are many methods such as guessing passwords, using programs or sending phishing e-mails etc. That’s why Google introduced extra layer of security to your Google accounts called 2-step verification. Lets learn how to enable it.