Include Custom Javascript file into blade view using Vite

While Laravel 10 no longer includes Laravel Mix by default, you can still leverage its functionalities for asset management with a few adjustments. For example, In Laravel 10, to add a JavaScript library to your Blade view, you can directly specify its path in the vite.config.js. Which tells the Vite to process the file for production mode.

6 Top PHP Frameworks For Web Developers

PHP is a globally acknowledged web programming language that has been largely adopted by the web developers. The popularity of this web programming language can be measured with the results of the survey conducted by W3Techs wherein the findings showed that approximately 82% web servers use PHP.

Advantages Of Eclipse Based Solutions For Developing Android Application

Although Android SDK has been the serving as the backbone for the development of out-of-the-box applications, developers have always been keen finding innovative solutions for developing Android apps that can serve to the needs of a large majority of targeted audience.

Test send PHP emails locally (xampp) Windows

If you are required to test the functionality of PHP mail in your projects, which is without having to use external mail server, you can try these steps which will allow you to send and open emails locally. I assume you are running XAMPP server on your computer, it should work fine with WampServer too without any configuration.