Ajax Registration Script Using JQuery with PHP and MySQL

In this tutorial, we will look on how to create a registration page using AJAX. We will be using ajax to call the backend in order to avoid page refresh and JQuery to minimize unnecessary validations.

Voting System Youtube Style With jQuery & PHP

Voting system can be important part of any website, especially if you want to keep track of user ratings. Let’s create a cookie based voting system, similar to YouTube like & dislike buttons (Thumbs up & Thumbs down), which can be applied to any content.

Username live check using Ajax PHP

Live username checker for registration has become useful part of registration system. It allows visitor to check for availability of username before they can register on one’s site. This script however can also be used for other purpose, such as checking city name, baby name or other miscellaneous things. Today let’s learn how we can create this nifty little script that checks available username for registration using jQuery Ajax and PHP.

Ajax Multiple Image Upload-Resize with jQuery and PHP

If you are looking for multiple image uploader that doesn’t require flash plugin, here’s script that does it for you, it will nicely upload multiple image files and resize them using jQuery and PHP. User can easily add as many files before uploading and a nice progress bar lets you see the progress of the upload, but please note: progress bar requires modern browsers to function.