Enable error reporting in PHP file

Many hosting companies by default disables any PHP error reporting for security purpose, because it displays all the vital information and root server path. Which is certainly not a good idea and it might interest some curious and naughty people.

Adding Disqus Comment & Showing Comment Counts

Disqus comment system is a very robust comment platform for any website.  With its awesome features anyone can build an active community, letting people to comment using their facebook, yahoo, twitter identity or just as anonymous user, comments become more like live discussions with realtime posting and updating. 

MySQL INSERT Statement with PHP

MySQL INSERT statement inserts record in MySQL database table. We can execute INSERT statement using PHP to insert new records in the database table. For this let’s  create a demo table in MySQL database, Copy following MySQL code in your PhpMyAdmin. It will create a table name demotable with 4 columns: id (Auto increment), name, email and phone number, and inserts some records for the demo.

Creating Template for Joomla 1.6 +

Joomla comes with robust framework, modern object-oriented design patterns. With Joomla template development skills, you will have power to present your clients with various design options, from simple, clean to very complex looking designs. This tutorial was written for Joomla 1.6+, because at the time of writing this tutorial, Joomla 1.6 + was just released.