Facebook Connect Installation

First make sure, cURL is installed in your host server. Here are few screenshots to show how component and module are installed in your joomla CMS.These are the screenshots from Joomla 1.5 admin control panel. Even if you are using newer joomlas, instillation process are similar.

Customizing Facebook Auth Dialog

New Facebook AuthDialog comes loaded with features to help you build a richer and more exciting experience for new users. And it’s very easy to customize, just follow guidelines provided in this page and you are all good to go.

Generate New Google Analytics ID

Unfortunately, generating new Google Analystics ID for the website is not possible. To get a new Analystic ID you will need to delete existing website profile and create new. Follow steps below to delete your existing profile and to get a new ID for your website.

Set Cookies Get Cookies Delete Cookies with PHP

Cookies are small files created by server on a user computer, cookies are primarily used to store little information about anything, and when user visits your website next time the information stored in cookies can be retrieved and used in various purpose.