Google Custom Search CSS style

I’ve been using Google Custom Search for quite some time now, I must say it’s a very powerful tool you can have on your website, nothing comes close to Google’s search power. If you are using Google Custom search like me, you can easily override its look by creating your own CSS to fit the layout of your website, here’s how:

Google Map v3 Editing & Saving Markers in Database – II

In previous article I discussed about loading the Google map on a HTML page, adding-removing the markers and displaying info windows. In this article we are moving to the next step, here we are going to load markers from PHP generated XML file, and we will edit/save marker information into the database, finally creating a total custom map for the website.

Google Map v3 Markers and Infowindow with jQuery – I

I wanted to create my own custom Google map for my other website, so I’ve been playing with Google Map JavaScript API v3 lately. I wanted to add some basic functionality to the map, where I could add/remove markers, as well as save marker with some information in the database. Since most of us use jQuery in our websites, I have also added jQuery support for some events and Ajax requests.

Display Top URLs With Google Analytics API (PHP)

We can use Core Reporting API to fetch top (Popular) URLs from Google Analytics. Using Google API PHP Client let’s create a simple PHP page that pulls website’s top URLs from Google Analytics and updates MySql table. Once you are familiar, I am sure you can do lot more, I mean just checkout the information you can retrieve in this Reporting API.