An Introduction to shine.js

We all know that javascript is an amazing playground using which many cool things can be developed. Each and everyday new things(libraries , scripts ,plugins) are being developed which makes the continuous improvement in the web experience and performance. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to one of the same amazing javascript library famous as “Shine.js – A Library for pretty shadows”.

How to Select / Deselect All Checkboxes using AngularJS

You have seen the example in Gmail and many other web applications where they allow users to select all checkbox items by simply clicking on “Select All” checkbox. I have also created a tutorial in jQuery which you can find here. Today let’s create the same using AngularJS.

10 Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples

Canvas is a great feature in HTML5 that allows us to draw graphics on web browsers using JavaScript. For instance, it can be used to manipulate photos, draw and animate shapes, play videos or renders hardware-accelerated 3D graphics with WebGL support! Sky’s the limit. But it has also been used to make really awesome digital arts by pros… In past few months I have encountered many great examples of HTMl5 canvas, and today I am going to list some of them here for you to enjoy.

Select All Text In Element on Click (JavaScript OR jQuery)

To select all text inside an element such as DIV, we can simply use JavaScript document.createRange() method to create a range, and than using range.selectNodeContents() we can set node range (start and end), after which use selection.addRange() to select the range of the element.