PayPal Express Checkout with PHP

Paypal is the most popular and convenient way to get paid. If you are selling some products in your website, you should definitely use Paypal payment gateway, why? because it’s free and there are over 350 million Paypal users all over the world who would happily purchase your products. In this tutorial let us find-out how we can use Paypal Express Checkout in websites to sell some products instantly.

Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL

Pointing Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to your listener script is very easy, just follow screenshot instructions below and your script will start receiving any transaction notification from Paypal. You can also read how to setup Paypal IPN listener script in your website.Login to Paypal, click profile -> My Selling tools and then update Instant Payment Notification.Enter IPN listner script path in Notification URL field.

Getting Paypal API username and Password

If you are wondering how to get Paypal API  username, password and signature. It’s fairly easy, just follow steps provided below with screenshots. Note: Your account must be a Premier or Business account.

Creating Paypal Sandbox Account

To obtain PayPal API Credentials from a Sandbox Test Account, Go to Register and login to your PayPal’s developer account, after registration, you can create as many sandbox test account for your application. Just follow the image instructions below :1. Click Dashboard on your Developer account page, and click accounts.2. Now look for “Create account” button within current page.3. Fill-out necessary information for sandbox account.4. You will see your account being created in next page. Just click on “profile” link.5. You should now be presented with your sandbox API Credentials.