Get Latest Twitter Status Easily with PHP

Recently I wanted to display my Last Tweet on a website, but you may have noticed that the old Twitter API v1.0 doesn’t work anymore, the new update 1.1 requires authentication in order to interact with Twitter, which means there is no straight forward way of doing this without obtaining Twitter API keys.

Facebook Twitter and Google Plus Fan Counts PHP

The Facebook, Twitter and Google plus data are available publicly in Json format, we can use some information to easily display number of likes, followers and circle counts in plain text. I wanted to include Feedburner Subscriber count code too, but too bad Google has decided to put an end to Awareness API, without it we can not display subscriber count in plain text.

Tweet to Unlock with jQuery & PHP

Everyone knows how important role Twitter can play to bring new visitors to your site, and Tweet to unlock can only amplify the whole thing by requiring visitors to Tweet about your page in order to unlock the downloadable items or premium content. In this tutorial article, let’s create simple “Tweet to Unlock” feature for your web page using jQuery Ajax and PHP.

Sign in with Twitter using PHP

With millions of registered users worldwide, twitter is one of the most used social networking website on the internet, we cannot overlook its importance, it can really boost registrations rate in your site. In this tutorial, we will be using Twitter API to register users on your website.