An Introduction to shine.js

We all know that javascript is an amazing playground using which many cool things can be developed. Each and everyday new things(libraries , scripts ,plugins) are being developed which makes the continuous improvement in the web experience and performance. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to one of the same amazing javascript library famous as “Shine.js – A Library for pretty shadows”.

10 Exceptionally Reliable PHP Snippets for Developers

For PHP developers snippets come extremely handy when they have to spend long hours to code their websites and applications. These guys can swear on their advantage and the level of control and speed these snippets provide to maintain the pace of their work. PHP snippets can be valuable for any webmaster as they offer a variety of functions which can save their time and efforts when developing a site.

Useful CSS3 Hover Effects for Picture Gallery

If you are creating some sort of image gallery, you might be want to add some cool transition effects to your pictures, while displaying the information content. Most of you may know that we can accomplish these effects only using CSS3 animations, so we will not be requiring any JavaScript code in this tutorial, let’s get started!

Using Custom Animations for Google’s Material Design

Custom Animations are probably Google’s most noticeable addition to Material Design. What they let you achieve is a variety of effects when a certain action or input is observed within an Activity. For the purposes of this post I will be using a few of developer oriented terms such as Intent and Activity so if you are unfamiliar with them, then I do advise you to just look up these terms.

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