Ajax Image upload & Resize with PHP ImageMagick & jQuery

Often we are happy with PHP GD library for image processing, and why not? it supports numerous image formats and it offers more than enough capabilities to meet our needs. But sometimes enough is not enough, sometimes we want to try out ImageMagick, just for the sake of performance, code clarity or just to explore more functionality. So today we are going to discuss this and create image upload and resize script using ImageMagick (PHP) and jQuery.

Multi Items Payment with PayPal REST API (PHP)

To simplify things I created a simple Payment System with PayPal REST API in my previous post. But today I want to extend that tutorial making it bit complex and allowing customers to either pay with PayPal payment method or credit cards directly. Yes PayPal allows people to pay for your products directly using credit cards, which requires absolutely no user sign-in or sign-ups with PayPal.

PayPal REST API Payment System (PHP)

Everyone’s been really excited about PayPal REST API since its launch, so I decided to try and explore PayPal’s new RESTful web service. And after playing a bit with it, I was able to create my own simple online cell phone store successfully. Here’s how!

Facebook Connect with PHP SDK v4

Since my last post about Facebook connect back in 2012, Facebook still remains the top user registration source, well at-least in my imagination! And recently they have released PHP SDK version 4 with significant changes. So, today we are going to talk about it a bit and try and create a working Facebook Sign-Up page using their SDK v4.

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