40 Useful Project Management Tools

Along with the fast growing pace of different sectors of the industry, many tools have also evolved to aid the professionals involved in various business sector which will help them to conduct their businesses and work efficiently. One such tool present at the disposal of the professionals and managers is the project management tools. These platforms have been developed by the skilled software developers keeping in mind the needs of different business houses, especially for handling different projects involving many people. On the internet the seekers would find both open source and paid management tools that will be of great help for the professionals who work in the managerial rank and above. The world has become so competitive that missing deadlines is not an option for anybody. The entrepreneurs have to ensure that they deliver quality work with efficiency in order to maintain their stake in the market. Use of these online management tools help in dispersing the whole workload in an efficient way and also for keeping track of the different processes involved in a project. Though most of these management tools are not meant for any particular industry and but some industry specific online platforms are also available that the entrepreneurs can employ for the efficient management of their work.
  1. 5PM

    5pm is simple to use and fits the budget. It uses a lot of Ajax and has a desktop application feel. 5PM
  2. Ace project

    Suite of applications that provides the framework for better planning, regardless of your operation's size. Ace Project
  3. ActiveCollab

    ActiveCollab is a great system that could manage all projects, automate invoices and coordinate with all the employees. Active Collab
  4. Action Method

    Action Method is an intuitive approach to task management, designed to simplify work and life. Action Method helps manage life's projects by boiling them down to their most basic elements. Active Methods
  5. Apollo

    Finally there is a tool for small businesses that agrees. Apollo helps manage all the related content side by side, as it should be. Apollo
  6. Atrium

    Open Atrium is a collaboration platform designed to help organizations manage their communications, teams, and knowledge Open Atrium
  7. Basecamp

    For all of your projects, use Basecamp to keep track of every file, discussion, and event from beginning to end—all in one place. Base Camp
  8. Central Desktop

    Share files, manage projects, inspire ideas, connect people and so much more. Central Desktop
  9. Comind work

    Collaborate and Manage Projects Online, work productivity platform for teams and companies of any size. Comind Work
  10. DeskAway

    DeskAway is a smart web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work. Desktop way
  11. EditMe

    With EditMe share content and files, capture knowledge and manage processes with your entire team. No software to install, 100% web browser based. UPMT11
  12. Fast Due

    Fast Due is secure online suite business productivity tools with instant invoicing and collections, a robust easy-to-use tracking and management system. Fast Due
  13. Freed camp

    Freed camp uses the type of security Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies use every day to protect our users, a free alternative to Basecamp. Freed camp
  14. Fresh Books

    FreshBooks is built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You'll be tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing your clients in no time. Fresh Books
  15. Genius Inside

    Genius Inside delivers leading edge business solutions by combining a powerful project management software with industry expertise and best practices. Genius Inside
  16. Huddle

    Store, share, and work on files with anyone inside and outside your organization—from your desktop, iPad, or smartphone. Huddle
  17. IssueBurner

    IssueBurner provides a simple interface for issue tracking & help desk in a single system. UPMT17
  18. Klok

    The Klok team connector allows you to setup your project lists and share them among your entire team. Klok
  19. Maven Link

    Go beyond project management software and start managing your business, all in one place. Mavenlink
  20. Maven Link

    Manage Your Company Online (MYCO) in an easy to use online collaboration suite. UPMT20
  21. OmniPlan

    Designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. Omni
  22. Paymo

    Online, desktop or mobile time tracking app that will increase billable hours. UPMT22
  23. Pivotal Tracker

    Collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development. Pivotal Tracker
  24. Plan zone

    Planzone is a collaborative project management application that enables you to give a new role to knowledge management and document sharing within your company UPMT24
  25. Project Manager

    Create and share plans with your colleagues, with their powerful project management software. Project Manager
  26. RationalPlan

    RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to help both teams and project managers to create consistent project plans. RationalPla
  27. Springloops

    The web development collaboration studio, Create and share plans with your colleagues. Springloops
  28. Springloops

    A single place for shared tasks, discussions and files. Making it easy for your team to stay in sync. Teambox
  29. Team.fm

    Team.FM is the social collaboration channel and co-working hub, designed to facilitate easy categorizing, grouping and addressing within the messages. Team.fm
  30. Onedesk

    OneDesk is an application that combines HelpDesk with Project Management, allowing you to serve your customers and work on your projects, all in one place Onedesk
  31. Teamwork

    Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. Team work
  32. Team Work Live

    TeamWork Live is an intuitive, secure, web-based project management software and online collaboration tool. TeamWork
  33. TimeLog

    TimeLog Project is designed to meet the needs of consultancy firms and project-oriented knowledge organisations. UPMT33
  34. Todoyu

    Todoyu is the web-based way to get your tasks done. todoyu is all about bringing your team and clients together to work jointly on projects. TimeLog
  35. Todoyu

    Manage the entire project, bid, collaborate, track resources and invoice. Torch
  36. Trajectory

    Trajectory helps you stay focused on what matters. Ideas are where you discuss the goals for your project. Trajectory
  37. Tree.io

    Tree.io has Project Management, Sales & CRM, Support Ticketing etc. Tree.io is also available as a free open source download to run wherever you want. Tree.io
  38. Ubidesk

    Ubidesk is designed to minimize the response time of each page, it is simple to use, nothing to install – everything works in your web browser. Ubidesk
  39. WORKetc

    WORKetc helps organize many of your daily activities such as tracking billable time, managing customer support, marketing and invoicing. WORKetc
  40. ZCOPE

    ZCOPE is the simple and secure web-service for managing projects and tasks, team communication and document sharing. UPMT40


Our team has collected some of the best open source and paid management tools that will be extremely useful for the entrepreneurs. Though most of these platforms can be used by any industry but some specific management tools are also present in this list subscribing to the specific needs of diverse industries. Find out the one that suits your need and make the best use of it.
  • Article written by Chris Jackson. Article by Chris Jackson is a freelance writer at DesignCrowd Singapore, where he writes about web and graphic design trends.
  • Hi,you guys should check elapseit. It is an all in one project management tool. You can use it for resource and task management - having implemented modules for task, collaboration and availability - for reporting and also for invoices.Just use the free trial period to check it out and you will see it`s usefulness.Thanks, Claudia from elapseit
  • Thanks for explaining all of these project management tools in one post with good explanation. I think some of tools are missing like Atlassian JIRA, Citrix Podio, Wrike. I want to add these tools to the list which is very useful. Keep sharing more interesting and useful topics.
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