Creating Microsoft Windows Live Applications

Microsoft Live Connect provides many API features, you can use info in Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft SkyDrive. The most significant thing you probably want to do is get user profile information, enable user to sign/register in your website, personalize experience etc. To take advantage of these API features we need to create an app. In this article, we are going to create a Microsoft application easily.

Maximize hits Using Google Places

Google says 97% of consumers search for local businesses like yours online using Google places, and when they do, are you really there to grab your share of customers? Only focusing on optimizing content for your business website and competing for Google search ranking is just not enough. People need to know exactly where your business is located and how your office / hotel/ restaurant building looks like from the roof top. Google places is a free service from Google and you should be taking advantage of it already…

How to Create Google Doc Forms

Google Forms is a great new feature in Google Doc, where you can create your own public form to collect user information. Best part about the Google forms is that you don’t need to know any programming knowledge to create forms. Just follow steps in this article to create your Google form.

Photoshop Letterpress Effect on White Background

Letterpress effects look just awesome in any color! And I am a big fan of this effect. If you are like me you’ll sure love this easy Photoshop tutorial showing how to create Letterpress effect on a white background using Photoshop.