10 Great CSS3 Experiments in Codepen

Since the launch of Codepen (a site for creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff) by Chris Coyier. We have seen some of the greatest CSS3 examples in that website by the web developers around the world, pushing the limits of CSS3. I think this is just the beginning of something extraordinary happening in Web Development world.There are many great demonstrations of codes at Codepen website, but I have decided to pick only those with pure CSS3. Here 10 great CSS3 demos at codepen for everyone to see, if I've missed something extraordinary do let me know by commenting below.

CSS3 Loader

CSS3 Loader

CSS Fractal pattern

Kenny Lindahl utilizes the potential of CSS3 to create this great looking animated flower like pattern. CSS Fractal pattern

CSS3 Logo Android

CSS3 Logo Android

CSS3 Cat Smiling

A cute cat smiling and blinking his eyes purely creaded with CSS3 by Nicolas Slatiner CSS3 Cat Smiling

CSS3 Black Navigation Menu

Black Navigation Menu created by Sara Soueidan, only using CSS3. CSS3 Black Navigation Menu

Earth and Moon

Created by mutukrish, this is another great example of CSS3. Earth and Moon and space was created entirely with CSS3. Earth and Moon

AT-AT Walker

This giant animated AT-AT Walker from Star Wars movie was created purely with CSS3. No Javascripts used in this experiment. AT-AT Walker

Social Switch Book

Social switch book is another great CSS example with flip animates on hover. codepen-social-switch-book

Parallax backgrounds with Cat Walk Cycle

Created by Rachel Nabors, experiment uses multiple background and cat walk cycle with pure CSS3 animation, creating a multi-depth parallax effect. Parallax backgrounds with Cat Walk Cycle

Rotating Chromo Icon

Nice CSS Chromo Icon that shrinks and rotates. Rotating Chromo Icon

Mona Lisa with pure CSS

This epic portrait of Mona Lisa is not a picture file, it was created purely with CSS by Jay Salvat. It shows the capability of CSS3. Mona Lisa with pure CSS

Old Woman Face, Pure CSS

Pushing the limits of CSS3, Brian Gonzalez converted this Old woman's face in pure CSS with help of ruby code. Old Woman Face, Pure CSS
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