Organizing Gmail With Filters & Labels

Since there’s no such thing called “folder” in Gmail, many Gmail users often wonder how to save their important emails, using filters aren’t the first choice, because most of them do not know about it, others do not bother. So they keep their emails just the way they are “in Inbox”.  Sometimes we have to mass delete old email, and accidently important emails also get delete, but fortunately Gmail moves deleted mails into Trash and can be retrieved within 30 days.  But sometimes it becomes too late and important mails are lost forever. So as they say, it is better safe than sorry…

Enable error reporting in PHP file

Many hosting companies by default disables any PHP error reporting for security purpose, because it displays all the vital information and root server path. Which is certainly not a good idea and it might interest some curious and naughty people.

Adding Disqus Comment & Showing Comment Counts

Disqus comment system is a very robust comment platform for any website.  With its awesome features anyone can build an active community, letting people to comment using their facebook, yahoo, twitter identity or just as anonymous user, comments become more like live discussions with realtime posting and updating. 

Getting Paypal API username and Password

If you are wondering how to get Paypal API  username, password and signature. It’s fairly easy, just follow steps provided below with screenshots. Note: Your account must be a Premier or Business account.