PayPal REST API Payment System (PHP)

Everyone’s been really excited about PayPal REST API since its launch, so I decided to try and explore PayPal’s new RESTful web service. And after playing a bit with it, I was able to create my own simple online cell phone store successfully. Here’s how!

Facebook Connect with PHP SDK v4

Since my last post about Facebook connect back in 2012, Facebook still remains the top user registration source, well at-least in my imagination! And recently they have released PHP SDK version 4 with significant changes. So, today we are going to talk about it a bit and try and create a working Facebook Sign-Up page using their SDK v4.

Useful PHP Snippets

If you are looking for useful PHP snippets, here’s list compiled from my previous posts. I am sure this list will come in handy for you in your PHP projects.

Backup MySQL Database Using PHP

It is always a good idea to backup your MySQL database often as possible, because you don’t want to risk your entire work over some technical failure, you want to make latest copies of your database and keep it somewhere safe. Some web hosts do offer such backup features, you just have to push “back-up button” and you are good to go. But if not, you can also backup using PHP exec() function explained in this post but this function may be disabled by most host for security reasons, so in that case you can use this nifty PHP functions to back up your entire database tables.