Play MP3, Ogg, Wav files with HTML5

With HTML5 we can play audio files easily, but before HTML5, we could only play these files using Flash player or Media Player plugins. Old browsers didn’t have inbuilt media player that could perform these tasks. But HTML5 we don’t need anything, just regular <audio> HTML element.

Combine JS or CSS files with PHP

Combining Javascript and CSS files and can tremendously reduce the number of HTTP requests your page make, making your website lighter and faster. It’s one of those tweaks to improve your website performance. This snippet doesn’t minify files, it just simply combines multiple files into single one.

Creating RSS XML feed Using PHP SimpleXML

In previous article I had created a RSS feed using PHP DOMDocument class, and today we are going to use PHP SimpleXML to create the same. PHP SimpleXML can be used to manipulate XML documents easily, it can read data from XML files/strings, and edit nodes and attributes. SimpleXML functions are part of PHP 5+, so everyone using PHP 5 and up requires no additional extensions to use its functions.

Creating RSS XML feed with PHP DOMDocument

RSS makes it possible to syndicate latest website contents throughout the web seamlessly, whether you have a news website, blog or a normal website, you can break it down into discrete items and syndicated them via RSS. If you are using WordPress or any other popular CMS, you will find its own RSS system. But creating your custom RSS feed is also fairly easy using PHP.