Bold first paragraph of WordPress content

For this WordPress blog, I was looking for a quick PHP snippet on the web to make first paragraph bold, or increase its font size in post contents, like they have in Smashing Magazine website.  I found few examples but not everything is clear. I didn’t want to use CSS :first-child Selector, because it won’t work with older browsers.

Creating Simple Hover Fade jQuery Plugin

Since the launch of jQuery in January 2006,  jQuery has quickly become the most popular and JavaScript library of choice for all web developers. There are hundreds of plugins available for almost anything you may want to do with jQuery, you can just download and start using those wonderful plugins in your project right away. But there are times, when you want to learn to create your own jQuery plugin, let’s find out how hard/easy is it to create a jQuery plugin.

17 Grid System for Website Development

Grid frameworks are the basic building blocks of the website designs. Predefined gutter space and content width help web developers develop websites rapidly and efficiently. A right grid framework should allow developers to worry less about monitor screen sizes, resolutions and different browsers, but one must learn how to use it to achieve the desired result, once you master the art, using the grid system becomes flawless. Today we will look at some modern responsive and most lightweight CSS grid framework, which can be easily used in any website design projects.

Embedding Fonts In Web Pages

Earlier we were stuck with few selections of web safe fonts, because we didn’t have much choice. But times have changed, new web browsers can embed and render any stylish font, and this opens up new opportunity for Web developers to transform a basic looking design into something extraordinary.