85 Best Premium WordPress Theme

There is a very thin line between being average and first rate. The former is something that many can achieve but the latter does not come so easy and to achieve it, you have to give your best. If we talk about blogs and websites, you know how tough the competition is. Still, things have become lot easier, thanks to WordPress. But you must note that it has become so for all those who use WordPress. So, how can you stand out?

35 Top Free and Premium Entertainment Word press Themes

Being entertained is a basic human need. We all need entertainment in one form or another to escape the sufferings of life. See the faces of the patients in a child care hospital when a clown comes to perform and you will understand it is a job worth doing. Entertaining others is nothing less than stitching a slit wound.

Remove WordPress header meta / links

Recently I was working on a WordPress theme, i needed to remove all the meta and edit links from WordPress theme header, because I was going to put all my jQuery script files at the bottom of the page to speed up page loading. Here’s what I found on the net to remove meta links from WordPress theme header, it just removes everything.

Writing Basic Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress plugins available for almost anything. But sometimes, we aren’t that lucky, few days ago, I needed an Adsense plugin for a WordPress site, and realized there are way too many plugins for Adsense! I tried few, but I felt they are overly complicated for my need, So, I decided to write my own simple Adsense plugin for WordPress 3.