Best 10 WordPress Plugins for all Bloggers

WordPress itself is a lethal weapon, without any plugins installed. In-fact you don’t need anything at all, it has everything you ever need. But with some fine quality plugin, your blog can do wonders and it starts to shine. But be careful with all the selection, useless & buggy plugins can turn your dreams into nightmare.

Simple Way to Use WordPress Custom Fields

We all know what WordPress custom fields can do, if you do not know what the heck is custom fields is, then you are probably missing out something important and powerful tool in WordPress. With custom fields you can add additional information called meta-data to individual post, and meta-data can be simple information to vary complex actions. To achieve complex actions, you must have PHP skills and WordPress template editing knowledge. Without making it any more complicated, I will show you how quickly you can start using WordPress custom fields with your blog posts.