40 Free Clean & Beautiful Fonts for Websites

With right selection of fonts, you can turn a basic looking website into something really inspirational. But there are thousands of fonts on the internet, picking something proper, clean and right font can take forever. But fear not, I have collected some of the best FREE fonts, which can be used safely in your websites projects. I have been using some of these fonts for sometime, and they have become my favorite. The screenshots are taken directly from firefox browser, there's no Photoshop effects involved, but  I have used some css to make it look good. please have a look. Note: If you are not sure how to embed them in your website, please read "Using any fancy fonts in your websites".
  1. Bree Serif is a high quality free font from Type-together.com, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.
  2. Carton high quality free font designed by Nick McCosker (Tippletype.com).
  3. Canadian - This clean and free font is available for download at fonts2u.com.
  4. Droid Serif features a contemporary appearance, font was designed for comfortable reading on screen by Steve Matteson and it's free!
  5. Oxygen is the free web font version of  Oxygen typeface family, which as created as part of KDE Project. The web version was designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers.
  6. Jura - This quality free font includes Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold-Italic, and can be downloaded from Tenbytwenty.com.
  7. Buenard fonts family was designed by Gustavo Ibarra (fontfuror.com). Free Font is excellent for paragraphs texts.
  8. Otama e.p - This elegant looking free serif font was designed by Tim Donaldson and can be downloaded from behance.net and fontsquirrel.com
  9. Judson originally designed for African literacy. It uses OpenType tables for correct placement of diacritical marks, including stacked marks.
  10. Trocchi - The font is named after the Scottish novelist Alexander Trocchi and designed by Vernon Adams. Font is ideal for header text.
  11. Varela - Font was designed by Admix Designs, ideal for heading texts as well body paragraphs.
  12. Amethyst : Free font available for download at ufonts.com.
  13. Nevis is a strong, angular typeface and is ideal for headings, text, buttons and everything in between.
  14. HeadlineNEWS - Created by Reference Type Foundry, as title suggest it's great for headings.
  15. Caviar-Dreams - Very clean, elegant & popular font by Lauren Thompson.
  16. TeX-Gyre-Adventor of sansserif fonts is based on the URW Gothic L family. The constituent 4 standard faces contain nearly 1250 glyphs each!
  17. Excite - Neo-grotesque typeface named after an x-height. Family consists of four fonts regular, bold, italic and bold italic.
  18. Sansation - freeware font by Bernd Montag available for download at dafont.com.
  19. Bastardus Sans a clean looking font, can be used on body texts or as headings.
  20. Copse Font by Dan Rhatigan,  is a low-contrast slab serif that is a little soft around the edges, but with a clear and sturdy posture.
  21. Liberation Sans : Red Hat announced the public release of these fonts under the trademark Liberation on 2009 and are free to use on any system.
  22. Diavlo is a free font that contains 5 weights: Light, Book, Medium, Bold and Black.
  23. Optimus Princeps font by Manfred Klein. Font is ideal for headings.
  24. River Avenue bold and beautiful font was created by Starving-4 Entertainment.
  25. Hattori Hanzo typeface was created for heading and short texts by Roman Shamin.
  26. BodoniFLF created by Casady & Greene, available free.
  27. Coolvetica is a part of Typodermic Fonts' Larabie Fonts collection and it's free.
  28. Accidental Presidency designed by Tepid Monkey Fonts.
  29. Apple Garamond by Bitstream Inc. is a great looking bold font for websites.
  30. Cardo by David J. Perry.
  31. Centabel Book serif font by Sander Kessels.
  32. DS-kolovrat by Dubina Nikolay.
  33. Traditional Arabic by Compugraphic Corporation, both heading and texts looks elegant with this font.
  34. Migraine Serif created by StereoType
  35. Chunk ultra-bold slab serif typeface font by Meredith Mandel.
  36. Ingleby typeface is designed by David Engelby and is available free.
  37. Kanis by Benoît Sjöholm
  38. Satellite by Matt Yow. Satellite is a geometric sans serif with 194 glyphs
  39. Tellural by Nymphont.
  40. Cardiff
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