Multi Items Payment with PayPal REST API (PHP)

To simplify things I created a simple Payment System with PayPal REST API in my previous post. But today I want to extend that tutorial making it bit complex and allowing customers to either pay with PayPal payment method or credit cards directly. Yes PayPal allows people to pay for your products directly using credit cards, which requires absolutely no user sign-in or sign-ups with PayPal.

PayPal REST API Payment System (PHP)

Everyone’s been really excited about PayPal REST API since its launch, so I decided to try and explore PayPal’s new RESTful web service. And after playing a bit with it, I was able to create my own simple online cell phone store successfully. Here’s how!

Multiple Items PHP Shopping Cart to PayPal

In the previous post, we had created a simple PHP session based shopping cart, now in this article we will integrating this shopping cart with our PayPal express checkout system. Main idea is to let users buy multiple items using PayPal, shopping cart collects the items users want to buy and then they’ll be able to pay for multiple items using their PayPal account.

Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

This is continuation of the previous post how to setup Paypal Express Checkout in your website. In my experience, you do not necessarily need to setup Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN), but if want to automate tasks and keep track of customer actions back in their PayPal account, you should create and setup an IPN listener script.