Creating Google OAuth 2.0 Client API Keys

Google API lets you play with the core of Google system, by building queries, a client can access required data from various Google services, which can be used to build all types of Google based applications. Before sending API queries, a client application needs Google API keys. Just follow these basic steps to obtain your own Client ID and Secret Key for your web application.

PHP $_GET & $_POST Variables

PHP $_GET & $_POST are part of PHP global variables, and can be called anywhere in PHP scripts, both $_GET & $_POST captures data sent with HTML post and get methods. Example below shows how we can use $_GET and $_POST with HTML form to collect data.

Display Twitter View Summary Link

You might have noticed some tweets have view summary link in, and probably you are curious to implement the same for your website contents. Well the trick is very simple, all you need to do is add few lines of HTML code to your webpages, and users who tweet your content will have a “view summary” (a.k.a Twitter Card) link added on the tweets.

Minify HTML Codes using Dreamweaver

Minifying your HTML codes before putting on the web is a very good idea, because it could save little of bandwidth and page will load much faster in slow net speed.  If you have some kind of minifying tool or script running on your server, your can use those technologies to automatically reduce size of your page, but if that’s not possible, you could try minifying your HTML size with dreamweaver.