.htacess redirect from subdomain to full URL

Sometimes, Google or other search engines start to crawl your subdomains, indexing everything without your knowledge. And your search results start to appear something like this – http://subdomain.mainsite.com/page.html, instead of http://mainsite.com/page.html. All paths to pages are same except the subdomain added to the URL. To redirect all your subdomains to main site URL, add following line in your .htaccess file. [cc lang=”htaccess”] RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?[^.]+.mymainsitename.com.*$ RewriteRule (.*) http://mymainsitename.com/$1 [L] [/cc]

Displaying Author Photo on Google Search

The number one search tool on the net, the Google has provided blog authors to actually show their pictures on their search engine. You might have searched some keywords and noticed pictures of blog authors’ appearing next to search results, and yes when you see picture of author, whether it’s your intuition or just curiosity, you will tend to trust that link more, rather than a link without an author snippet.

Submit Your RSS Feed 50+ Blog Directory

Submitting links to Digg, twitter and Facebook is great. But if you are pretty new to this field, those traffic wont last forever and you will end-up with very low traffic again.  So a quick permanent solution is to find some good reliable feed directories and submit all your blog feeds, it will gradually increase your site rating and traffic.

301 Redirect htaccess examples

Sometimes we need to change URL of pages, but it’s a risky task, because if your pages are already indexed in search engines, you will loose not only visitors but also ranking. Your indexed URLs will start to disappear one by one, forcing you to start from scratch again. But with htaccess you can easily redirect your visitors as well as search engine bots to new location safely.