75 Premium Minimal WordPress Blog Themes

Blogs and minimal WordPress themes share a very close connection with each other. Minimalism is one trend that is always hot in the blogging segment and no matter what kind of blog it is, minimal WordPress blog themes can give it adequate packaging and functionality. This is because these minimal templates give foremost priority to content and as you know well, content is the backbone of any blog. Of course, new design and functions keep making their entry and one has to adopt them in order to keep a blog updated.

Internet, How it Began!

The Internet started as ARPANET, which was a project for the United States Department of Defense, the objective of the project was to connect sever sites of super computers, so if one was destroyed, the remain computers would still work. This project was successful, so other computer sites in universities, government departments, and large corporations began connecting to the network.

Why You Need Responsive Website for Business?

If you run an online business, obviously you wouldn’t have failed to check your analytic every now and then to analyze the customer inflow and the media they favor to visit your site. And in majority of cases you might have observed that it is the mobile devices. What do you infer from this? Mobile devices are replacing desktop systems as they help customers access any website even on the go.

10 Reasons To Own A Blog As A Freelancer

Lots of freelancers own blogs nowadays. It comes with plenty of advantages and benefits and therefore it is understandable why they would choose this means of communicating with their clients. If you are a freelancer but you haven’t started blogging yet, this article will show you why it would be a great idea to own a blog. To be more precise, what is to come will present you a list of ten reasons why you, the freelancer, should try this on.