Creating Custom WordPress Widget on certain pages

Recently I needed to create a Facebook likebox WordPress widget for my friend, which of course can be easily created using a WordPress text widget, but since my friend is new to WordPress and has no clue about coding, and to make matters worse, she wanted to display it only on certain pages like single and category pages! So, I decided to quickly create a custom WordPress Widget, which should be flexible enough for her needs.

Facebook Connect with PHP SDK v4

Since my last post about Facebook connect back in 2012, Facebook still remains the top user registration source, well at-least in my imagination! And recently they have released PHP SDK version 4 with significant changes. So, today we are going to talk about it a bit and try and create a working Facebook Sign-Up page using their SDK v4.

Finding Your Facebook ID

Few months back someone sent me email asking me to write tutorial to get Facebook ID of any user using their profile URL. I don’t know why he wanted the script so bad, but he will surely be amazed how dead simple this is.

Generate Facebook ID Card with PHP

You may have came across some some horoscope or fun images of your friends, aren’t they just fun? well, why not create some fun page like that on your website to allow your visitors to generate a Facebook ID card, which they can save on their computer or publish on Facebook wall. Let’s focus on creating some authentic looking “Facebook ID” for the users using PHP and PHP Facebook SDK.