Resize images inside element with Mootool

In my another website, some images were larger than DIV element, and it was causing whole layout to distort. It would’ve been little easier with jQuery but since I was using Mootool library, I needed to come up with some sort of resize snippet, so I wrote this small mootool function which will calculate width of DIV element and resize images inside it to fit to its size.

Some Popular MooTools Plugins

MooTools easily qualifies among the topmost JavaScript libraries. Complemented with superb documentation, the package has let developers create some really smart and effective plugins. From User Interface enhancements to easy management of graphs and charts, from quick and hassle free image editing to funky and stylish drop down menus, MooTools plugins add new life to the way visitors interact with your web pages. MooTools plugins have been ruling the roost for webmasters and developers for quite some time now. You can take your website to the next level using one or more of these plugins. Here are some popular MooTools plugins for you.

5 Mootool Dropdown Menus

I was looking for some mootool menus on the web to integrate in my new web template. I found number of sliding, accordion, collapsible navigation menus based on mootools. But what I was really looking for was dropdown menus.  So I ended up with 5 mootool dropdown menus, which hopefully can be customized and tweaked according to template designs.