Generate Google Application-specific passwords

If you have activated Google Add 2-step verification, you may experience network or timed-out Errors in your Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or other smartphone devices, because Google 2-step verification is not yet compatible with the applications running on those devices. To sign-in to your Google account normally from those devices you must generate an application-specific password.
  1. To generate Google application-specific password, just go to, enter a desired name and click generate password button. app-specific-pass
  2. On the next screen you should find a randomly generated password, you don't need to memorize this password. app-specific-pass2
  3. Now go to your device screen and enter your usual Google username and enter your new application-specific passwords instead of your usual Google password. You should be able to access your Google account from your device now. app-specific-pass3
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