20 High-Quality Vector Patterns

A few times when having a good set of vector patterns downloaded on your computer is if you are creating a design for a website or doing any form of work which include designing. Here we have gathered a total of 20 high-quality patterns you can use for any of your projects as all vectors listed here are royalty-free. Patterns are a great way to spark some life to your design projects. If you find a pattern you like, simply click through the image to download it.
  1. Fifties Wallpaper Pattern

    Typical wallpaper you can see in older homes which haven't yet been renovated. As vintage and retro is trendy today it wouldn't surprise me if maybe you are sitting in a room with walls covered in a wallpaper similar to this one. It's a great pattern for websites and anything else you want to put some life to.
  2. 25 Woven Plaid Patterns

    Want to give your design a textile feeling? Then this set of woven patterns is perfect. Works great for website backgrounds or other graphical purposes.
  3. Colorful Pattern Background

    This pattern is very colorful and eye-catching. The background probably works best to use in designs where there aren't already a lot of colors as otherwise it might be too much.
  4. Romantic Flowers Vector Pattern

    A romantic flowers pattern which can give your design a vintage feeling. This pattern really radiates old school.
  5. Seamless Dark Blue Pattern

    Kind of pattern you can see lumber jackets featuring. Gives a warm and cozy feeling of design.
  6. Baroque Seamless

    The dark brown seamless pattern creates a beautiful calm pattern design.
  7. Seamless Retro Patterns

    The colored flowers are bright and joyful. What more is there to ask for? Overall a great pattern giving a happy first impression.
  8. 19 Japanese Style Patterns

    In this collection of patterns you will find 19 colorful patterns to use for your design projects.
  9. Stylized Clouds

    A simple and calm design but still eye-catching and enjoyable. The white clouds and the light blue color come great togetherand would be perfect to use as a background for a website with an already light color scheme.
  10. Seamless Pattern of Decorative Trees

    This collection consists of 24 different tree patterns. All got different kind of colors and therefore it's a good chance you can find a pattern to fit your needs.
  11. Paisley

    A beautiful abstract seamless pattern. Even though overall impression is quite dark because of its dark color tone used in the background of the patterns the lighter colors in the figures create an interesting and joyful pattern.
  12. Geometrical Patterns

    Several different patterns using the same cubic style and green colors. Brings your design to life, no doubt.
  13. Seamless Retro Wallpapers

    This pattern comes in four different colors. Red, brown, green and yellow. The pattern reminds us of wallpapers seen in older houses from the 19th century.
  14. Camouflage

    Can be used both for web applications and fashion purposes. If you are looking to give your design an army feeling this high-quality pattern is the perfect way to go.
  15. Geometric Patterns

    A set of geometric patterns. Very trendy and nice-looking. The patterns radiate a retro feeling.
  16. Grungy Net Pattern

    Beautiful to use as a background for websites. Bright and interesting colors to put life in your design.
  17. Red Cubed Pattern

    A red and cubic pattern created using Adobe Illustrator. Can be used for anything that needs some red.
  18. July Patterns

    Calm and easy colors creating a beautiful set of patterns.
  19. Ice Cream

    Creating a poster or print advertisement of some kind? Hopefully this can come to use as a background.
  20. Vintage Retro

    Amazing retro pattern using a brown and beige color scheme.
  • Article written by John Zenkert. John is the creator of the Minecraft Server List. Besides managing his website he enjoys to spend time working in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to design logotypes and other web elements.
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