Set Authorized Redirect URIs in Google API console

Once you have created your Google OAuth API Keys, you may be wondering how to authorize redirect URIs for your applications? or may you are receiving Error:redirect_uri_mismatch error. You can correct it by following these simple steps below. Note: This steps are intended for novice users.
  1. Go to Google API console and click API Access tab on the sidebar.
  2. Click Edit Settings under Client ID for web applications block.
  3. Enter your URIs, one per line as shown in picture below, and click Save/Update.
That's it, your application should work without any interruption from now on. For more info you can checkout google documentation here.
  • Very nice and informative guide. I was looking for information on how to authorize redirect URIs and couldn't find good reliable information till I found your post.Thanks for sharing this easy to understand information., it was a big help! :)
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