20 Beautiful Free Religion Based Vector Designs

Religion is something that has been considered sacred since time immemorial. You can criticize a person's fashion sense, his political affiliations, his food habits but you can't criticize one's religion. Religion is considered above any rebukes. Though today things are changing. Especially in the west. People like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris have waged a full-fledged attack on religion. The results are stunning. More and more people in the western countries are proclaiming that they don't have a belief in any supernatural power and are coming out as atheists and agnostics.The religious people accuse the non-believers of being irreligious and thus having no moral code. The skeptics on the other hand accuse the religious people of being dumb and blindly following the teachings of their religious scriptures. Who knows which of them are correct? In any case, religion is here to stay. And so are websites, books, cards, and other such material related to it. Below I have collected 20 beautiful religion related vectors which you can use in your designing work.

Wax seal of the Sabbath

seal_of_the_sabbath_vector_art "Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy!" is the third commandment out of the famous Ten Commandments of the Bible. God says in this commandment that he created the universe in six days and then rested on the seventh day. Hence people should not work on this day as God has blessed it and it is considered holy. This beautiful seal lets you proclaim the third commandment in style.

Ramzan greeting cards

ramzan-greeting-cards Ramzan is approaching. This is a month in the Islamic calendar where legend has it that Satan is under arrest by God and hence people should be more concerned to obey Him and His teachings. Muslims observe a strict fast in this month from dawn to dusk, a fast in which they can't even drink a drop of water. This vector set consists of some beautiful Ramzan greetings which you can use in your work.

Jesus Christ with golden crown of thorns

jesus-christ-vector-art Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity and one of the most important figures in human history is portrayed in vector form here. According to the Christians, Jesus was crucified on the cross and was forced to wear a crown of thrones. This vector portrays that image.

Jesus carrying the cross

jesus-carrying-the-cross-vector-art A further variation of the scene above. Because this vector uses only black and white colors and because here not just his face but some parts of his body are visible, this vector is more sober and intense than the above one.

Hand drawn praying hands

hand-drawn-praying-hand-vector-art This vector portrays a pair of hands joined together in prayer with the cross' rosary wrapped around them. Vectors like these are the benchmarks for any religion based designs.

Free hand drawn cross vector

hand-drawn-cross-vector-art This vector looks like the pencil sketch of the cross in a very beautiful form. The delicate design spun around the whole body of the cross shows attention to detail.

Round ornamental element

round-ornamental-element-vector-art This circular design related to architecture is an example of the one which you can find in Islamic tombs. Visit any Islamic shrine of good architectural value and you will find similar designs there. If you are working on any Islamic project then this graphic is a must have.

Churches and skylines

churches-and-skylines-vector This vector consists of a large array of churches side by side. Although you can use it in many ways but I believe the best way to use it is at the bottom most part of a religion related website.

Ganesha graphics

ganesha-graphics-vector Lord Ganesha is one of the thousands of gods in the Hindu religion. He is believed to have a human like body but an elephant like face, as is evident from the image above. This graphic can be used on any Hindu religion based designs you are working on.

Praying people silhouette

praying-people-silhouetteIslam compels its followers to pray five times a day. This praying is known as namaaz. The graphic above shows the various positions of namaaz.

Vintage Cupid vector

vintage-cuped-vector In Greek mythology, Cupid is believed to be the god of love. Legend has it that whenever two people fall in love with each other, it is actually Cupid who shoots an arrow that pierces the two people's hearts and thus binds them together.

Candle design

candle-design-vector No matter whether one is a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu, a candle is something that is lighted on all sorts of religious places. Therefore this vector graphic of a lighted candle will help you in your designing endeavors no matter which religion project you are working on.

Insignia vectors insignia-vectors

New church's that come into existence or new religion based websites that are launched are in need of logos. So if you are designing a logo for some religious project this vector set of insignias should help you.

Demon footage

demon-footage-vector The Abrahamic religions say that Satan whispered in Adam’s ear and urged him to eat the apple from the forbidden tree which angered God and resulted in Adam’s expulsion from heaven. They also believe that Satan is still living and present amongst us and is urging us to deviate away from the righteous path. Just as he was hostile against Adam so he is against the sons of Adam. This vector graphic of Satan can be used in any design which intends to portray evil.

Einstein’s religion


Einstein, just like most other scientists, did not believe in God. The word "spirit" in this quote above means nature. That is all. It is always wise to use a quote from some authority in your designs. It gives it a good touch.

Ramzan Arabic text

ramzan-arabic-text-vector Although there is hardly any readable material in the Arabic language but it is a fact that Arabic in itself is a language which can be written very beautifully. Almost all of its letters have curves and bends which allow one to write it in many different ways. The above vector graphic displays four ways how you can write the same word Ramzaan in Arabic language.

Girl in hijab

girl-in-hijab-vector Islam instructs its women followers to cover their entire bodies from head to toe, a practice which is usually known as hijab. There is a difference of opinion between the Islamic scholars on certain issues of Hijab. Some say a woman should be fully dressed so that not even an inch of her skin is visible while others say she is allowed to let her face and hands up to the wrist open.In any case this vector graphic is an accurate portrayal of a woman observing hijab.

Buddha statue

buddha-statue-vector A lot of people associate Buddhism with peace and serenity. And this image conforms to that notion as well. This vector graphic is a statue of Lord Buddha placed in the hills behind a wide, cloudy sky.

In the name of Allah

in-name-of-allah-vector-art "In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful," every Muslim, no matter how irreligious he is, knows this line by heart. This sentence is the first line of almost every chapter of the Quran and most Muslims recite this sentence whenever starting some new work. The graphic above is the original Arabic statement of this line.

The cross

the-cross-vector This graphic shows some crosses in the right corner and a very wide and high sky spread across all over with a bright shiny star in it. This graphic is ideal for Christmas greetings and other such designs related to Christianity. I hope you would have found the above collection of vectors useful. Do let me know in the comments below what you think of this. Will you like to see some specific vectors in the future? Tell me below.

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