Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

Considering the number of documents that are being processed per day, it is evident that the demand for document and word processing programs are endless. With that in mind, a lot of users would always rely on Microsoft Word. Well, who wouldn't when it is very easy to use plus it is usually present in most Windows-based PCs and laptops. Now what if you don’t have MS Word or for some other reason, you just want to find a good alternative that will allow you to create and process your documents? Just don’t panic because here are some of the best free alternatives that you can easily find on the internet.

OpenOffice Writer

Writer is part of the OpenOffice bundle. It is a free word processor that can pretty much do the things that you usually do on MS Word. Other than that, it also features a lot of useful and intelligent tools such as its AutoCorrect dictionary for spelling mistakes and other types of typing errors. What’s makes this software even more interesting is the fact that it can save your document in .docx format. The said file type is compatible with Microsoft Office’s word processor. open-office-writer

FreeOffice TextMaker

It’s quite amazing to know that the web is full of reliable free word processing programs that are just waiting to be discovered. Take for example, the FreeOffice TextMaker. It can do a lot of things such as saving and opening .doc files, drawing, cropping and editing images, formatting text and many more. So if you like to try this software, you need to download the full version of FreeOffice which is currently compatible with Linux and Windows. text-maker

Google Document

If you have a Google account then you can just make use of your cloud-based word processor. Commonly known as Google Document or Google Docs, this program will allow you to create a new document in .docx, .odt, .rtf, .pdf and .txt formats. To access this tool, you just need to go to your Google Drive and select the button for creating a new file. That’s not all. This program supports collaborative editing which means that you and your group mates can work on the same document at the same time. This way, it’s easier to recheck or proofread the work of others. google-docs

Zoho Writer

If you’re looking for a light browser-based document creator then you should look no further. Zoho Writer is currently available for Chrome and you can get it for free at the Chrome Store. It wouldn't even take an hour for you to get accustomed to its interface as you try to familiarize yourself with its basic functions. zoho-writter


OmmWriter values the experience that their software can give to their users. Unlike any other word processing software, this particular type of program features a variety of soothing audio tracks and pleasant backgrounds. It’s like when you’re typing, you will feel that you are being drawn into your own peaceful world wherein you are free to express your inner thoughts. It’s certainly a must have software for novelists, poets and article writers. ommwriter
  • As Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), and PowerPoint (ppt, pptx) still represent the global standard office formats, a good alternative must be able to interoperate properly . Kingsoft isn't, LibreOffice isn't, OpenOffice isn't at all ... I see only one alternative office suite which is seamlessly compatible, and that's SoftMaker FreeOffice. This one has indeed fantastic import and export filters and could make Microsoft Office dispensable for most users.
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