• Sophia Phillips

  • Sophia Phillips is expert frond-end & wordpress developer. Currently, she is an employed with WordPrax Ltd. a renowned name in PSD to WordPress conversion services. Sophia has had written a remarkable number of articles on WordPress tricks and tips.

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Sophia Phillips's Article(s)

  • How Javascript – AJAX helps WordPress developers?

    In the past couple of years, AJAX has successfully paved its way into the website development. By using AJAX one can build dynamic, user-friendly and highly-responsive websites that will work as per the client’s requirement. AJAX is a technology which allows users to update the content of the page without actually having to reload the page in the browser.
  • An Overview of Writing Testable JavaScript

    Over the time period, we have better options for unit testing JavaScript. However, it does not mean that the code which is tested is as easy on us as our tools are! Writing and managing the codes takes some effort and planning, but functional programming concepts inspire few patterns which can be used to avoid getting into a tight spot while testing our code.