20 High-Quality Vector Patterns

A few times when having a good set of vector patterns downloaded on your computer is if you are creating a design for a website or doing any form of work which include designing. Here we have gathered a total of 20 high-quality patterns you can use for any of your projects as all vectors listed here are royalty-free. Patterns are a great way to spark some life to your design projects. If you find a pattern you like, simply click through the image to download it.

Ajax Multiple Image Upload-Resize with jQuery and PHP

If you are looking for multiple image uploader that doesn’t require flash plugin, here’s script that does it for you, it will nicely upload multiple image files and resize them using jQuery and PHP. User can easily add as many files before uploading and a nice progress bar lets you see the progress of the upload, but please note: progress bar requires modern browsers to function. 

60+ Free Quality WordPress themes

Ordinary free themes are easy to find, but most of them are just junk and old. Finding some free high-quality WordPress themes can be a difficult task. I’ve been searching for good set of free quality WordPress themes, and I came across many good looking themes, it was nice to find all new premium quality WordPress themes and absolutely free to use in any WordPress site. 

Block Disposable email domains from signing-up (PHP)

It is really annoying to know that half of your users’ emails getting bounced because these sneaky users used some disposable email address to register on your site. Yes, it happens a lot, the only way to stop this from happening again is to block them from ever using those phony emails again.