Ajax Add & Delete MySQL records using jQuery & PHP

If you are bit familiar with basics of jQuery JavaScript library, next thing you want to do is learn jQuery Ajax to add and delete records from MySQL database table. In this basic tutorial we are going to do the same, we will focus on learning jQuery to send POST data to a PHP file and respond back with results or errors. Without having to reload the page, the Ajax technique is a very neat way to add or delete / database records, also it looks very cool.

Enable/Disable Form Submit Button with jQuery

If you are creating a HTML form, especially jQuery Ajax driven form, you might want to disable the submit button while page goes into loading mode, because you don’t want user to resubmit same content and cause script failure. To prevent this from happening, we need to disable submit button, here’s how.

Get Selected Values From Radio Button using jQuery

Let’s say you have following radio options for the user, and you need to retrieve the value from selected radio button using jQuery. Choose option: CSS jQuery HTML XML

jQuery Move Div Left/right/up/down

We can smoothly move any element using jQuery .animate() method, the method basically changes value of css property of the element gradually to perform animation effect, the example shows how easily we can move DIV box to left, right, up and down with .animate() method.