Joomla Facebook Connect 4

With Joomla Facebook Connect 4, Facebook users can quickly register and login on your Joomla websites. This free Joomla extension was re-written from ground up and should work out of the box. Facebook Login module can be configured to show only login button or form.
Download (For Joomla 3.x)
  • Facebook PHP Sdk v4 requires PHP 5.4 or greater, So make sure you are up-to-date.
  • I no longer maintain extension for older Joomla 1.5 and 2.
  • How to obtain Facebook App ID and App Secret : Click here.
  • Please do recommend and review this extension at Joomla Extension Directory.
  • Please mention any bug report in comment below (also include your PHP version, Joomla Version).

How to Update

Just un-install old Facebook Connect component and module from "Extension Manager", and install the latest extension downloaded from here.

What happens to my old connected users after update?

Nothing! component uses same old database table, so you'll not lose your old Facebook connected users.

Change Log

  • 4.0.1 Minor fixes
  • 4.0 (Joomla 3) Numerous fixes, removed "Post to Wall" feature, updated Facebook SDK to v4
  • 4.x No longer supported!
  • I have created a version that works with PHP below 5.5. It also addresses some problems with custom templates not having a "raw" type document. And finally, it contains a hungarian translation. I could not find this projet on GitHub or bitbucket. So dear Saaraan, please let me send you this version somehow, and the you may merge the changes with your version. Thanks.
  • when I click the button, it prompt a window with an error in it Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/../public_html/.../components/com_fbconnct/controller.php on line 459 Could you please help?
    • I just changed : in /public_html/…/components/com_fbconnct/controller.php on line 459 //if(!empty(array_filter($adminEmails))) if(!empty($adminEmails))It worked for me !
  • I found this error message when I publish the module.Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /...../components/com_fbconnct/controller.php on line 459
  • Hi, i encountered this error after publishing your good module. Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ')' in components/com_fbconnct/controller.php on line 369I hope you could help me with this.Thanks in advance.
  • component/fbconnct/?task=create&format=raw show very small text and image in mobile only. it work ok in desktop. In other words, After clicking the button to register in mobile, i get a screen with user information and image, but you can't see the information and image because it's very small
    • After clicking the facebook login button to register jumps pop up . popup work good in descktop but not work in Mobile. that is the reason why this component not work good in mobile. can someone help ?
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