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  • Saran Chamling loves the web technology, and enjoys designing, exploring and writing about it @sanwebe.com. You can find him at Twitter, Google or Facebook.

Saran's Article(s)

  • Draggable Element with JQuery (No jQuery UI)

    Draggable feature in a webpage can bring a smooth user experience. If you want to enable draggable functionality to an element but without jQuery UI, here’s another jQuery snippet you can use. This snippet will make any DOM element draggable, which you can move around to different position on the viewport.
  • Test send PHP emails locally (xampp) Windows

    If you are required to test the functionality of PHP mail in your projects, which is without having to use external mail server, you can try these steps which will allow you to send and open emails locally. I assume you are running XAMPP server on your computer, it should work fine with WampServer too without any configuration.
  • Back to Top Smooth scroll using jQuery

    You might have noticed “Back To Top” button on many webpages, it allows users to return back to the top section of the page instantly without having to use mouse scroll wheel. It’s tiny but sometimes important feature to have on your website.
  • Backup Website and Database using PHP exec()

    PHP exec() function is usually disabled in most shared web hosting servers because of security reasons, but if your host allows this or you are on VPS or dedicated server, you should be able to use exec commands to backup your website or mysql database. Before you start, using code below check whether exec is enabled, if it fails you should ask your host to make sure it is even allowed!