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  • Ajeet is a senior web developer at WordpressIntegration - Best PSD to WordPress Service, where he is responsible for writing custom JavaScript code during the conversion process. In his spare time, he writes on different topics related to JavaScript, WordPress, and HTML5 to share his work experience with others. You can follow WordpressIntegration on Facebook

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Ajeet Yadav's Article(s)

  • Making a Full Width Responsive Tiled Menu with CSS3 & jQuery

    Full width responsive tiled menu is one of the most creative ways to display the navigation of your site. Not only it creates a very full-bodied effect for visitors but also gives them a taste of trendy flat design. In this tutorial, I’m going to create a full width tiled menu and make it fully responsive using CSS3 Media Queries. At the end, I’ll also use some quick JavaScript to show or hide the tiled menu on smaller screen devices. Let’s get started!