List of Ajax, PHP and CSS Tutorials

Here are some noteworthy tutorials from, which I am sure will help contribute to your Web development projects. Most tutorials are pretty basic, and some are intermediate level, but not that mind boggling. Depending on your cognitive abilities you should be able to grasp them very easily. I’ll be updating this list often so do comeback time to time.

26 Useful CSS3 Online Generators

If you are a Web Designer, you can cut down the development time by using these handy tools, which can generate nifty CSS3 codes for your web projects, all you have to do is just adjust the settings until you are satisfied with the result, and then copy-paste the generated CSS code in your project. Here I have compiled some of the coolest CSS generators, which I think are useful tools for any web designer.

Creating Simple Form using PHP and MySql

HTML form is an essential part of Web development process, it allows us to gather data from user inputs and we can do various things with the data we receive from user, we can send email, change interface, layout or save the data directly to our MySql table.

Creating Multi Level Dropdown Menu CSS & jQuery

I’ve been playing with a layout that needed an good looking dropdown menu, so I’ve decided to create one myself, and also created this tutorial, hopefully it will prove to be useful to those who needs similar drop down menu. We will be creating 3 level sub menus in pure CSS, it should work without any JavaScript, and at the end we will add jQuery for that sliding effect.