Simple Chat Using WebSocket and PHP Socket

The WebSocket is a feature of HTML5 for establishing a socket connections between a web browser and a server, once the connection has been established with the server, all WebSocket data (frames) are sent directly over a socket rather than usual HTTP response and requests, giving us much faster and persistent communication between a web browser and a server. Let’s create a simple chat system using this cool technology (HTML5 WebSocket and PHP).

Creating Shoutbox with jQuery & PHP Facebook Style

Facebook has this nice little chat box that doesn’t take up much space, and people can instantly interact with their friends, it is a cool feature to have in any website. Let’s get inspired and create an similar shoutbox which will look similar to Facebook chat box.

Capture Array Values from Dynamic input Fields using PHP

Well in my previous post, you were able to add multiple dynamic fields using jQuery. In this tutorial, we will collect values from those dynamically generated input fields, which can be displayed on user browser or store in MySql database.

HTML & CSS Resources for Beginners

There are some excellent website builder online these days which can create awesome looking websites in no time, but sooner or later you may certainly want to start learning the basics of coding somewhere in your lifetime (if you ever want to take full control of your website in future!) The knowledge is truly going to help you in a long run, not just for fixing small things, but may be build a website from scratch, seriously! So if you are ready to venture out in web development world, here are some basic HTML and CSS resources to help you start.