Photoshop Letterpress Effect on White Background

Letterpress effects look just awesome in any color! And I am a big fan of this effect. If you are like me you’ll sure love this easy Photoshop tutorial showing how to create Letterpress effect on a white background using Photoshop.

Minify HTML Codes using Dreamweaver

Minifying your HTML codes before putting on the web is a very good idea, because it could save little of bandwidth and page will load much faster in slow net speed.  If you have some kind of minifying tool or script running on your server, your can use those technologies to automatically reduce size of your page, but if that’s not possible, you could try minifying your HTML size with dreamweaver.

Better Looking CSS Headings

Browsers now support CSS shadow, we can easily achieve better looking headings. Here’s few examples of css styled headings :

Adding Markers onClick in Google Map v3

If you are wondering how to add markers on Google Map, here’s the simple Javascript snippet that adds dragable marker on Google Map. Just click on Drop Marker button to drop marker on the Map.