Creating Paypal Sandbox Account

To obtain PayPal API Credentials from a Sandbox Test Account, Go to Register and login to your PayPal’s developer account, after registration, you can create as many sandbox test account for your application. Just follow the image instructions below : 1. Click Dashboard on your Developer account page, and click accounts. 2. Now look for “Create account” button within current page. 3. Fill-out necessary information for sandbox account. 4. You will see your account being created in next page. Just click on “profile” link. 5. You should now be presented with your sandbox API Credentials.

Displaying Author Photo on Google Search

The number one search tool on the net, the Google has provided blog authors to actually show their pictures on their search engine. You might have searched some keywords and noticed pictures of blog authors’ appearing next to search results, and yes when you see picture of author, whether it’s your intuition or just curiosity, you will tend to trust that link more, rather than a link without an author snippet.

Let people subscribe to your Facebook Updates

Until now, it wasn’t possible for people to see your Facebook wall updates directly, unless you have set your Facebook privacy settings to public. But even though they will not hear what you want to say, unless they visit your profile directly. If you are some well known social figure, such as if your profession is DJ, musician, artists, journalists etc. public are interested in what you post on your wall. So why not let them subscribe to your Facebook updates.

Creating Facebook Application for your site

Creating a Facebook Application on Facebook gives you the opportunity to integrate your site into the core Facebook experience. All of the core Facebook technologies, such as Social Plugins, the Graph API and Platform Dialogs are available to Apps on Facebook. Creating Facebook applications is very easy, just follow the steps provided in the page and you are ready to go.