Facebook Twitter and Google Plus Fan Counts PHP

The Facebook, Twitter and Google plus data are available publicly in Json format, we can use some information to easily display number of likes, followers and circle counts in plain text. I wanted to include Feedburner Subscriber count code too, but too bad Google has decided to put an end to Awareness API, without it we can not display subscriber count in plain text.

Login with Google using PHP API library

Implementing Google Login system in your website is very easy, the Google API Client Library enables us to work with many Google services like Google+, Drive, or YouTube etc. We can also use the library to fetch user details required for registration and login. Today let’s learn how we can use Google API Client Library to make user login and registration system for the website.

Creating Google OAuth 2.0 Client API Keys

Google API lets you play with the core of Google system, by building queries, a client can access required data from various Google services, which can be used to build all types of Google based applications. Before sending API queries, a client application needs Google API keys. Just follow these basic steps to obtain your own Client ID and Secret Key for your web application.

Disable Google 2-step verification

Google 2-step verification is secure but it can be very annoying at some point, when you need to enter verification code every-time your change your computer. Especially when you travel outside, where your mobile goes dead, internet is short and you try to access Gmail from cyber-cafe or your colleague computer. This kind of situations are less likely these days, but sometimes you just want to disable this Google service for various reasons.