Floating Ajax based Contact Form

Floating contact form is ideal solution if you want to let your visitors instantly contact you without having to go to contact page. In this tutorial I’ll be creating a floating contact form using CSS, jQuery and PHP, which will be positioned “fixed” on the right side of the page. The form can be toggle open or closed by clicking on the opener button.

How to Select / Deselect All Checkboxes using jQuery

If you are looking for a quick jQuery snippet that toggles multiple check-boxes checked status simply by clicking “Select All” checkbox (like in Gmail and many other web applications), here’s are few examples that might be useful for your HTML form. I’ve used them many times in my own projects and they work great!

Play MP3, Ogg, Wav files with HTML5

With HTML5 we can play audio files easily, but before HTML5, we could only play these files using Flash player or Media Player plugins. Old browsers didn’t have inbuilt media player that could perform these tasks. But HTML5 we don’t need anything, just regular <audio> HTML element.

6 CSS HTML Form Styles

Styling HTML forms with CSS is fun and there’s always something new to explore and learn, but don’t you feel dull when you do it over and over again? Sometimes I do, I too hate to start from scratch, I rather use something that already looks good and works. So here are few CSS from styles I’ve created for your websites, you just have to copy the markup and CSS into your projects and have nice looking form.