Draggable Element with JQuery (No jQuery UI)

Draggable feature in a webpage can bring a smooth user experience. If you want to enable draggable functionality to an element but without jQuery UI, here’s another jQuery snippet you can use. This snippet will make any DOM element draggable, which you can move around to different position on the viewport.

Back to Top Smooth scroll using jQuery

You might have noticed “Back To Top” button on many webpages, it allows users to return back to the top section of the page instantly without having to use mouse scroll wheel. It’s tiny but sometimes important feature to have on your website.

Slide Loading Social Buttons with jQuery, CSS3 & PHP

Social share buttons have been integral part of the internet and it seemed like we are constantly looking for better ways integrate them into our websites, most people are happy with regular copy/paste snippet provided by social websites, but some of us are still not so satisfied with regular setting, because we have to load bulky third party javascripts which somehow appears to affect overall performance of the website.

Simple Form validation jQuery snippet

There are plenty of powerful jQuery validation plugins out there to meet your needs, but sometimes your requirement is so little that you just don’t bother including these plugins into your page, you might just create your own simple validation for your Form. So here’s a simple jQuery validation script you can include in your form page and have almost powerful validation.