Triggering callback after user stops typing jQuery

The snippet below triggers a callback when user stops typing on the input field. The process gets repeated everytime. This is a useful piece of snippet which can be used to trigger a custom callback function such as auto save or spelling checker etc.

Extract URL content like Facebook with PHP and jQuery

You may have seen Facebook’s technique that extracts content of remote URL when a user types a URL in the status text-box filed. In this article, we will try to create a similar type of Ajax based URL content extractor using jQuery and PHP.

10 Top Most Powerful jQuery Slideshow Plugins

The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most generous and hardworking groups of people on the web. Sensitive web design has become part of websites nowadays as it plays a crucial role in improving the visibility of the products and services online. There are many jQuery plugins that can be used in enhancing websites, regardless of the user-friendly, or easy to use. So many that it can be frustrating and confusing to select as to which jQuery plugins should be used for your benefits.

Creating Multi Level Dropdown Menu CSS & jQuery

I’ve been playing with a layout that needed an good looking dropdown menu, so I’ve decided to create one myself, and also created this tutorial, hopefully it will prove to be useful to those who needs similar drop down menu. We will be creating 3 level sub menus in pure CSS, it should work without any JavaScript, and at the end we will add jQuery for that sliding effect.