HTML & CSS Resources for Beginners

If you are planning to create/manage a website, you must certainly start learning few basic coding somewhere in life, this knowledge is truly going to help you a long way. Here are some basic HTML and CSS resources for you to learn.

Free Saaraan Icon Font

Saaraan Icon font set is general purpose icons for web developers. It contains 169 icons (planing to add more in future). I have created these icons for learning purpose, but please feel free to use them in your projects.

Absolutely Free Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are ideal way to replace regular PNG or image icons when designing a website, because icon fonts are versatile and relatively lite, they can be easily embedded into HTML using CSS @font-face and best part is that they are scalable, and various CSS effects can be applied just like fonts. Let’s find-out some of free icon fonts available that are absolutely free to use in our web projects.

How to Use Icon Font?

Icon fonts can be embedded simply using CSS @font-face like any other fonts, but there are few simple rules to follow for cross-platform compatibility. Let us look at the usage of @font-face rule and data-icon attribute to display icons stored in a Font file.