Bootstrap Framework Quick Start

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, many new excellent websites are built upon Bootstrap solid framework. whether your need is a responsive grid system or pre-styled typography, Bootstrap comes in handy, it is very easy to start and well documented. But if you are wondering where to start, look no further, because I am going to show you how responsive layout using Bootstrap works and how we can use it to create flexible websites, let’s get started.

How to Add Voice Search in Websites

Integrating voice Search with HTML5 speech input fields in your website can be very useful to your users. To add this wonderful feature just drop x-webkit-speech in your input field tag, that’s it! You are ready to talk.

10 Great CSS3 Experiments in Codepen

Since the launch of Codepen (a site for creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff) by Chris Coyier. We have seen some of the greatest CSS3 examples in that website by the web developers around the world, pushing the limits of CSS3. I think this is just the beginning of something extraordinary happening in Web Development world.

Minify HTML Codes using Dreamweaver

Minifying your HTML codes before putting on the web is a very good idea, because it could save little of bandwidth and page will load much faster in slow net speed.  If you have some kind of minifying tool or script running on your server, your can use those technologies to automatically reduce size of your page, but if that’s not possible, you could try minifying your HTML size with dreamweaver.