Watermark uploaded Image with PHP

Watermarking is a popular method to protect digital photos from being copied by the picture thieves on the net. Using PHP we can do the same. Here we use a transparent PNG image as Watermark template, we then merge it with image to create a permanent watermark.

Get Latest Twitter Status Easily with PHP

Recently I wanted to display my Last Tweet on a website, but you may have noticed that the old Twitter API v1.0 doesn’t work anymore, the new update 1.1 requires authentication in order to interact with Twitter, which means there is no straight forward way of doing this without obtaining Twitter API keys.

Slide Loading Social Buttons with jQuery, CSS3 & PHP

Social share buttons have been integral part of the internet and it seemed like we are constantly looking for better ways integrate them into our websites, most people are happy with regular copy/paste snippet provided by social websites, but some of us are still not so satisfied with regular setting, because we have to load bulky third party javascripts which somehow appears to affect overall performance of the website.

Ajax Contact Form with an Attachment (jQuery & PHP)

Today let’s create an Ajax based contact form, that will allow users to send attachments in email message. This tutorial has been updated recently and is based on my recent post here. I’ve added Ajax part to the the example here, it will send form data without refreshing the page.